CCW Course

Concealed Firearm Permit or CCW

Cost - $70 for the Nevada class, $30 for the Utah class

Taking the responsibility to carry a gun for defense is serious business. You will receive personalized instruction in defensive gun handling and safety, marksmanship, addressing multiple threats, malfunctions clearing, wound treatment, legal and psychological issues, and much more from an experienced and courteous instructor. You will also receive a well prepared packet of information for follow-up study. It is a serious subject, but you will have a lot of fun in the class!

The class is 8 hours long and you can do it in 1 day from 9:00am - 5:00pm, or in 2 half-days from 9:00am - 1:00pm.

If you would like to sign up, let me know and I will send you directions and a list of what to bring. Also let me know how many in your party.

Here's more info:

There are specific things I am required by the state to cover and then I also cover quite a bit more. Classroom portion is first and takes place  in south Las Vegas near S. Valley View and Southern Highlands Parkway. We then head out to the desert for qualifying and additional instruction on gun handling and tactics (malfunctions clearing, reloading, shooting and moving, multiple targets, close quarters combat, etc.). We wrap up in late-afternoon. Exact time we finish depends on students' interest level.

I provide applications and curriculum handouts, and can provide a firearm if the student does not have one, though I recommend bringing your own. Handguns available are 9mm Glocks. You provide factory ammo of at least 50 rounds of 9mm. You can find ammo on

Cost is $70 for the Nevada class which authorizes you to carry in 32 states, the Utah class is $30 and gets you another 3 states on top of that (information current as of November 2016). Most people get both.

After taking the class, you will submit your application to Metro and pay $97.50 in processing fees. Utah charges $51.00 and their application process is done by mail.

Click HERE  for the link to check out the Las Vegas Metro Police Department Concealed Permits section

Click HERE
for the link to check out the Utah BCI Concealed Permits section

I don't offer these classes to simply provide the minimum requirements to get your CCW card, grab a gun, and head out the door. I do this because I believe that you should be armed not only with a firearm and a little card, but with knowledge, awareness, and the mindset to prevail if your life should ever be threatened.  

What to bring: 

1)      One handgun (semi-auto or revolver) you wish to qualify with.  You only need to qualify with one handgun to be authorized to carry any semi-auto or revolver.

If you do not have a handgun, I will provide a semi-auto free of charge. If you are borrowing my semi-auto, bring 50 (bare minimum) to 100 rounds of 9mm. No firearms are needed if you are just getting the Utah permit.

2)      If you have a holster and magazine pouch for your firearm, I suggest bringing them.

3)      2 or more magazines for your semi-auto, if you have them.

5)      Sack lunch, if you want. Fridge and microwave will be available. 

6)      Eye and ear protection for each individual.  I have some extra if needed. 

7)      50 (bare minimum) to 100 (recommended) rounds of ammo for the firearm you are qualifying with, more if you really really like to shoot.

8)      Plenty of water. Don’t get dehydrated.

Nevada renewals are also $70. There is no class required for Utah renewals.

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