I chose “At The Ready” for my Nevada, Utah and Florida CCW Training.
To be honest, I chose Mike Orr’s “At the Ready” because it was a great value for the training and my guns were not available to me when I wanted to take the class (Mike let me use his semi auto and revolver to qualify with). The classroom portion was done at Mike's home and was a very nice non-intimidating and relaxing place to take the classroom portion of the training. At the range I needed a little extra help with the hands-on firearms portion of the training, and Mike was an excellent confidence building trainer. Mike had a very well qualified friend of his (Expert Pistol Marksman) help out with the Live Fire portion of the training so that everyone got that extra attention and personal training touch if they needed it. I especially liked the live fire portion of the training because it was held in the open air desert near Mike's home, so you are not sucking down gun smoke and lead particles you can sometimes find at indoor firing ranges. At the end of the day all of my classmates and I had handily qualified to apply for our various CCWs. Mike offered additional training at the end of the class to anyone that would like it at no additional cost, and he was willing to stay as long as we liked.  I stayed quite a bit longer, and had a ball while learning a few more pistol drills to practice. I can’t believe I sat on the sidelines waiting for the day when I would get off the dime and get trained for my CCW License (almost two years). With Mike the CCW class was easy to understand, and the training was excellent.  Everyone in my class passed with confidence.

Thanks Mike!

Footnote: I had a little trouble in applying for my Florida CCW License and I contacted Mike via e-mail for a little extra help. Mike got back to me overnight and I had all the documentation and information I needed to seal the deal for the Florida CCW the next day.

Thanks Mike!




Awesome  class Mike, will refer to my friends and  co-workers, hope  to be  taking  some  other  classes  with you in the  future.
Thanks  again.


Thank you for the very useful information and knowledge you have shown us 
today! I will definitely recommend this class to all my friends!


Hi Mike, 
Thanks again for the class. It really was informative. I learned how much I really need to learn, change 
and work on.(and it's a lot) I have two sons, the youngest is in (omitted) finishing up college this semester, when he graduates in
December he will be coming down here for graduate school. When he gets here I would like to schedule him for
your class. My other son graduated last year from (omitted) with a degree in Criminal Justice and is trying
to find a job there. Next time he visits I would also like him to take your class if we can schedule it.
I think it would really help him. I don't know if they will want the CCW license but the course would be
good for both of them. (I wouldn't even mind listening again) Again Thanks, It was a great class.


I took Mike's class thinking that I wasn't goin' to learn much. I was wrong.
Mike takes his time and teaches everything from laws, safety, self defense to
helpful tips and tricks. He goes over everything in a timely manner and will
answer all your questions without hesitation.  It's clear that he knows what
he's talking about and enjoys teaching. I've already recommended Mike to several
friends and co-workers. I thoroughly enjoyed his class and wouldn't hesitate to
take it again in the future.

D. W.
Dear Mike: 
This is to express my sincere appreciation for your outstanding 
performance as the instructor in the CCW permit class that I just 
completed with you. 
Your authority of knowledge of the requirements, practical real life 
experience and application, with all respect for the law, was 
exceptional. This continued when the class went out to the range. For 
all of this, I learned so much in your class. 
Thank you, 
V. F.


Hello Mr. Orr,

My son and I want to thank you for a great class. We have learned so much and with you giving us real life
scenarios that could happen just made it better. We appreciate you professionalism and knowledge and look
forward on taking your advanced classes in the future.

Thank you,

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